Square Keg Reviews: This Machine Is Best Or Not?

Don’t we all love to go on picnics? We also organize house parties to spend some quality time with friends. We can arrange car trips to nearby locations. However, managing everything is not easy. You are allowed to carry bottles of liquor, especially beer drinks, which are a staple of such hangouts. But we bring you square keg reviews to find the best option.

Square Keg Reviews

Square Keg brings you an incredibly simple machine to carry such beverages. You can easily keep it in your house where you have guests or take it in the car. You can easily afford to spend quality time. The colorful design is charming and will add energy to your party.

But how does it work? What can you carry? What is the capacity?  Today we bring you Square Keg Review to know about me. We list all information about usage. n We have a detailed look, followed by customer reviews below.

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About the square keg 

Square keg solutions for soft drinks

  Specially designed square keg to preserve the natural goodness of nitro products. You can add many different drinks.   Designed to provide a better way to preserve beverages for consumer businesses. Reduces the effort of opening a bottle or can. Now using a simple tap is 10 times easier.

   The founder of this amazing keg machine is Tim Locks. Ships to nearly 50 states. He always wanted to revolutionize the world of brewing, here he is with this magnificent keg machine. 

Units of square keg

  The Square Keg comes with various components that you need to attach to the toe. Here is a step-by-step guide to making a square keg.

  • You have to put a cold brew or drink in a square box.
  •  n, press R to tap the system toe with the controller.
  • Please refrigerate for up to 80 minutes.
  • Your drink is ready to serve. 

How does a square keg work?

The square keg saw on Shark Tank

You should clean the square one properly before refilling. More specifically, the next time you want to add a different drink, we’d strongly consider using a square keg below.

  • First, remove the tap from square one.
  •  n, Use hot soapy water to clean thoroughly. Wash the tap square one properly.
  • Place the controller in the water. Just need to clean the spot.
  • Wash everything, and let it dry.
  • Now you can fill the drink.

Be sure to repeat the steps before refilling square one.

What drinks are served in a square keg?

You can serve the following drinks in this amazing machine.

  • Nitro Cold Brew.
  •   Nitro beer.
  • Nitro Craft Cocktails.
  • Espresso Vodka-Tiny.

You can easily fill the tank with all the above drinks without affecting the taste.

value range

You can get this brewing storage machine for just $399.  It may seem expensive, but consider it a one-time investment. You can also get it in installments. You can only take one square in four installments.

Advantages of the square keg

Let’s see the advantages of this square.

  • It is easier to handle than normal bottles. Adjust the pressure on the regulator and enjoy the drink. 
  • It keeps drinks fresh by using 16-gram cartridges in carbonated water to preserve freshness.
  •   The Square has a limited lifetime warranty, while the Tap comes with a one-year warranty.
  •   Made in the USA, the product is inspected at every step by quality control.

Square Keg Reviews from Customers: Satisfied?

  The official website does not show any reviews from users. Trustpilot also has zero ratings for the product.  However, Amazon users gave it 4.5 stars. About 80 percent of users have given 5 stars. “Man, man, this is amazing,” says one customer. This is perfect for me because I like to have one, but I don’t drink enough. This little guy fits perfectly in the fridge, allowing me to keep my favorite beer fresh on tap.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capacity of a square keg?

This makes a 128 oz drink.

What are the dimensions of a square keg?

 Square One Tap Handle with Nitro Faucet measures  10.5″H x 5″W x 12″L.

What material is used to make a square keg?

 It is made of 304 stainless steel to keep everything fresh.


  • It keeps the drink fresh.
  • It has good reviews from users.
  •  y offers free delivery.
  • You can easily get carried away.


  • Washing can be a bit stressful.


Square keg reviews will give you an idea about the quality use of this product. The perfect brewing storage machine for your home.  Be the new center of attention at parties. You can also transport by car. You can easily store it in the refrigerator. Or user reviews are also fascinating. So, it is better to bring something classy to your home. 

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