Nish Hair Reviews: Why It Is the Best Hair Extensions?

Do you want celebrity-style hair? Sometimes long hair, sometimes short hair. So, if you’re looking for 100 percent human hair extensions, we’ve got you covered. You must have heard about niche hair reviews. What is this product? is it nice

Human hair extensions are 100 percent human hair. It comes in various lengths and volumes. You get 2 CLIP WEFT – premium clip-in hair extensions and more. Also, hair toppers and clip-in bangs are available there. Choose one that suits your look.

Many brands sell cheap hair extensions. But when it comes to quality, they have to offer the best. In the market, you can find synthetic and human hair extensions. Remember, human hair is always expensive. So you should buy from a legitimate store or website with good feedback.

At Niche Hair Reviews, we cover the quality of extensions, their features and more. Here you can see the experiences of its users.

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What are the most comfortable hair extensions?

It is considered to be the safest and quietest hair extension pick as the weight of the wefts is distributed over a wide area and does not damage the natural hair of the users.

How good are hair extensions?

Hair extensions will suit your hair. If one includes the length and chooses high-quality and carefully used extensions, the user can protect the natural hair from damage. This is because they will avoid edges—mainly if a heat tool is used or the tendency to split or break them—and keep them healthy from handling.

Who owns Nish Mudi?

Talking about her entry on the show,    Parul Gulati    said, “I    have been watching ‘Shark Tank US’ for a while now and always dreamed of pitching my business ideas to sharks. But when I first launched Niche Hair, I couldn’t even imagine getting in front of someone asking for investment.

About Niche Case 

It has a huge collection of hair extensions so one can find the perfect match. Users’ hair goals are now theirs and Niche Hair works hard to make your dreams come true with the best hair solutions for everyone.

Nish Hair-Frame My Face – Set of 2 Seamless Clip-Ins (Gadda Brown)

Here are the complete details about the extensions:

  1. One of their seamless items comes in a set of two ducts.
  2. It can be used for small bald spots or for coverage around the temples.
  3. It is also good to frame the face without cutting the front strands to create a beautiful look for the hair.
  4. Unrecognizable.
  5. It has a natural look.
  6. monolithic clip application
  7. You can use it on both sides.

Konada Hair Women’s Straight Side Bangs / Bald Patch Hair (Dark Brown)

  •  Very easy-to use clip-on application.
  • Adding volume
  • 100% Human Hair Extensions
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear all-day
  • Blends flawlessly with your hair
  • Heat-resistant and stylish just like your natural hair

Niche Hair Reviews by Consumers

Here are some of the best reviews from users about hair extensions. Let’s take a look at them.

Reviews on the official website


I went to Niche hair store. I love the hair color. This is amazing.

Another noted, “I love the product. It doesn’t feel like something is being worn on the head. They have a variety of toppers to match any hair type. Because the staff is very cooperative and sweet.


I received this product in 1 day, it was delivered and I love the quality. Excellent product.

“Fantastic hair quality,” everything it describes and more, a very versatile product,” can be used for a variety of hair coverage issues.”

“But the worst product. I wore the product and it wasn’t. I tried to put it on properly but it kept coming up. I would not recommend this to anyone. “

“Bought it directly from them but the clips were broken and had to be replaced before I could use it. For the price, we expect good quality clips. So I had to replace both clips on these bangs.


  • Huge collection of hair extensions.
  • They cost a lot.


  • Buyers are not satisfied with products and services.


Here is the final verdict after reading Nishi reviews. These products look promising from the details and images. Their official website has great reviews, but sometimes feedback is given on the website. So, we checked Amazon. Some customers have ordered it, but they are not satisfied with the quality of the product compared to the price.

So do we recommend this product to you? We don’t because we have mixed feedback from buyers. We suggest you get more feedback.

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